3D Design | Platonic Solids

3D Design | Platonic Solids

First assignment in 3D Design class. To create 5 shapes: tetrahedron, cube, Octahedron, dodecahedron, and Icosahedron.

Only 4 of them are displayed in the picture since I ran out of bristol at the time of the mini photoshoot. The last figure, dodecahedron, was finished shortly after after 30mins of searching through google and youtube trying to figure out how to draw a pentagon.

The cube was the first figure I made and it turned out I was short a few tabs, so it was not air tight as it should be. Another problem I encountered was that glue stick sucks… I quickly moved on to rubber cement, which was the only option I had unless I use tape. Rubber cement worked well in terms of cleanliness and adhesiveness, but the problem was that It took forever to dry and I had to hold down each tab for at least a full minute each after applying a thin layer of rubber cement with a toothpick to the tabs.


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