diggie vitt

Shadow Box

moon 2
moon 2

For this assignment, we were to create a 11x6x8 box with a foreground, middleground, and a background, then light it to create depth, as well as to play with the shadows to manipulate contrast and composition.

First thing’s first, the original picture is not my work and I do not own the copyright of that image. It belongs to Diggie Vitt, a photographer I follow on Flickr. Here’s a link to his work, http://www.flickr.com/photos/86035056@N05/

I chose this picture to do the shadowbox on because it was simple, it has one of my favorite kind of lighting in it, and it works very well with the fore/mid/back ground. It’s a simple design and it didn’t take me long to construct at all. This assignment was all about lighting, so I didn’t really need to make a overly intricate design with the cuts, proper lighting was what made this complete.

For the lighting, I used 1 light (hot light) bouncing off the white acrylic in the back through a tracing paper which is taped to the back of the shadow box to give off a nice diffused light.

What I could’ve done was to put a small hard light beneath the moon in the back to create that highlight as in the original picture. Rim lighting on the foreground is also missing and I suppose I could experiment with razing the edges on the foreground to catch some light from the back. But nonetheless, overall I think this assignment was a success.